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Day to day outside the day to day.


A studio where everyone casually drops in. Conversation is born, connected with new people, new things and things are born. YATAI is a free place with each shop name.

Place where various people intersect.

A place to play, to connect, to express.


YATAI is a non-profit organization with creative people gatherings.

People belonging to the group consist mainly of art directors, graphic designers, artists, photographers, musicians, PR teams who are active in Kyushu.


The purpose is to start from Kyushu as a medium for disseminating creative people and things to Japan and the world, to connect with creators and to work with individuals and organizations.


YATAI means that it is the minimum necessary field, and we manage and operate individually. This YATAI is a collection of various "stalls".

Among them, various people are newly connected, and it is a space to spread as a place of recreation and communication.


Living in the area, connecting with close distances with the same thought, loving the city in which they live, liking those who live.

Everyone can participate as long as those who excite their loved towns and areas together.


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